The Sciarra/Mok Team Advantage

Paul Sciarra and Krissy Mok formed the Sciarra/Mok Team in 2014 and have rapidly risen to the Chairman's Platinum Circle of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - ­ an honor given to real estate agents and teams performing in the top 1% of the nationwide network.

After recognizing the advantages of our collaborative team approach to real estate, we began expanding our team 2016 with agents who share our dedication to clients, service and integrity.

As a team, we provide service, expertise and experience that simply cannot be matched by any individual agent in the area. Like many successful agents, we all share common traits that are the cornerstones to real estate success:

  • Integrity, reliability, responsiveness, and genuine caring for clients.
  • Taking a sincere approach to helping our clients make smart financial and emotional decisions in real estate.
  • Putting our clients’ best interests above all else.
  • Really getting to know our clients to find the best real estate solution for them.
  • Being extremely organized and conducting business proactively rather than reactively.

But with the Sciarra/Mok Team, it’s our differences that GIVE you the advantage.

Our backgrounds, experience, skills, personal demeanors, professional networks and communication styles are all different, yet complementary.

We tailor our approach specifically to meet each individual client's needs. By collaborating from start to finish and pooling our resources, we have the flexibility to change our approach whenever necessary. Our complementary personalities and business styles ensure that we have the winning combination to successfully navigate each unique negotiation, regardless of the agent/client on the other side of the table.

In the long run, our business success is based on our reputation. This reputation is built by serving your best interests first and foremost. We believe our honest, compassionate, no­ nonsense, team­ approach to real estate is the best way to achieve the results you are looking for. Contact us today to see the difference for yourself!