The growing suburb of Bloomfield is located just north of Hartford. Well planned zoning and commercial development have resulted in a blend of retail shopping centers, corporate offices, industrial parks and quiet subdivisions.

In addition to a diverse assortment of services and shopping centers, the streets of Bloomfield are lined with generous colonial homes, contemporary residences, apartment buildings and condominiums.

Recreation features include a 7,200 foot community center for cultural and arts programs. The 150-acre park and school complex combines education and sports and has an Olympic-size swimming pool. There are three state parks where residents can enjoy baseball, basketball and ice-skating.

Bloomfield's comprehensive school system includes public schools that meet the needs of residents from early childhood to adult education. The Big Picture Magnet School serves high school students from several towns. There is also an Early Childhood Magnet School for preschool and kindergarten children in Bloomfield and surrounding towns.

The state's largest airport is approximately 20 minutes away. Major highways are easily accessible.