Established in 1830, Avon takes its name from the Avon River in England. Originally part of Farmington, today it is a community filled with residential, cultural and business opportunities.

Located in the shadow of Hartford, Avon's carefully planned residential areas feature protected woodlands and spacious lots with rolling lawns. There are large traditional homes and a variety of contemporary styles as well as quiet, comfortable condominiums and apartments.

The commercial center of Avon is located on Route 44. It has a diverse selection of restaurants and retail establishments. Within the center, the Avon Marketplace has trendy restaurants, clothing and gift shops. Old Avon Village has a charming collection of renovated, well-preserved colonial shops.

The preschools, secondary schools, public and private colleges offer exceptional educational opportunities. Approximately 95 percent of Avon's students go on to higher education.

The residents of Avon are committed to its cultural growth. Organizations that enhance the quality of life through charitable work and development of the arts are The Farmington Valley Arts Center, a modern science center, and a busy public library. The town has a nearly five mile section of the 40-mile Farmington Valley Greenway on the abandoned Boston and Maine rail line. This Greenway is enjoyed by joggers, walkers, rollerblade enthusiasts, bicyclists and cross-country skiers.