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You Are The Key Player on the Home Selling Team

September 19th, 2017

No one has a more important role in the home selling process than you. Here are some ways you can CONTRIBUTE:

  • Maintain the property in ready-to-show condition.
  • Ensure that the property is easily accessible to agents.
  • Be flexible in the scheduling of showings. Try to accomodate as many showing requests as possilble.
  • Contact us if you are approached directly by a buyer who is not represented by a real estate agent, do not allow them into the house.
  • Remove or lock up valuables, jewelry, cash and presciption medications.
  • If possible, do not be present when the property is being shown.
  • Secure pets or take them with you.
  • Be cautios about saying anything to buyers or their real estate agent that could weaken your negotiating position, especially regarding price or your urgency to sell.
  • Let us know of any change in the property's condition that would need to be disclosed to potential buyers.
  • Feel free to contact us any time with questions or concerns.
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