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Making a Great First Impression

November 17th, 2017

it is important for a home to make the best possible impression on prospective buyers. the following tips can help your home stanD out:


  • Remove toys, yard tools and other clutter.
  • Tidy up, pick up after pets.
  • Mow the lawn, trim hedges and shrubs.
  • Remove any debris from roof.
  • Clean the gutters.
  • Add color with flowers or potted plants.
  • Replace anything that looks old or worn.
  • Refresh exterior paint and trim or power wash the house.
  • Give your front door a fresh coat of paint.


  • Pack anything you know you won't need until you are in your new home. This will make the rooms appear less cluttered, will make it easier to keep your home clean, and will simplify the packing process when it's time to move.
  • Less is more when it comes to furnishing a home for the market. While you want to avoid empty or sparse rooms, all furniture in a room should be functional. If you have extra chairs, shelves, tables etc, consider putting them in storage until you move.
  • Organize your closets and cupboards. Be sure they are not packed completely full as that will make people worry that you don't have enough storage space.
  • Ask a friend to come over and do a "smell" test. It is not uncommon for homeowners to become immune to smells in their own home. Take steps to neutralize any bad odors due to pets, strong foods, kids, etc.
  • Consider giving rooms a fresh coat of paint, if necessary.
  • When it's time to show your home, try to do the following: make beds, clean up dishes, empty sinks and wastebaskets, set a comfortable temperature, vacuum and dust, open drapes and shades, and turn the lights on.
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